Facilities & Operations

It's crucial to have a wide range of operations & facilities to give patients better treatment. Healthcare facility management is essential for maintaining uninterrupted operations at medical facilities and ensuring that service requests are met promptly and effectively. Effective for patients to receive the treatment they need, hospitals and healthcare facilities are essential. As they aid in saving time, effort, and workforce, appropriate hospitals and medical facilities serve to prevent loss to the hospitals. The interaction between hospitals and patients is strengthened by the effective use of facilities.

Digitally Empowered Collaborative Care

Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in India

Indias healthcare system faces myriad challenges including limited access to healthcare services escalating costs and disparities in healthcare delivery

Impact on the Workforce with AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has been incorporating itself into healthcare for years

The Future of Quality and Patient Safety in Healthcare

Quality and patient safety have always been paramount in healthcare

Surgical Safety in Operation Theatres

Surgical care is a fundamental part of healthcare around the globe Ensuring surgical safety in operation theatres is the need of the hour A safe and salubrious operating theatre is achieved only through careful planning maintenance and periodic checks as well as proper ongoing training for staff An operating theatre is a complex system with numerou...


Creating the culture and mindset for patient safety

Culture of a healthcare organisation impacts the mindset of employees and surrounding environment Considering organisations culture there are various aspects which should be assessed It starts from how the staff value the decision of senior new innovations and technologies that are applied in organisations risk taking capability alertness towards m...

Discharge Begins at Intake

Communication tactics that help patients transition and shorten stays and reduce readmissions

Whenever I work with a hospital or healthcare system to help them with communication processes I introduce this concept created by business guru and author Steven Covey that states begin with the end in mind This approach of reaching effective outcomes works with establishing and reaching most project management goals and objectives

Primary Care

We the urbanites can we imagine a world without a doctor In fact vicinity to medical care and education facilities are part of the top key factors on deciding where to buy our new homeAnd yet just the mere availability of good primar


Lean is indeed an interesting concept to apply in almost all facets of life be it weight management service management or manufacturing In a nutshell to be lean we need to lean towards lean working and lean living

Headway to Revamp Hospital Logistics

Healthcare is a crucial system governed by humanistic approaches that emphasise the personal value of an individual Human emotions and values form the core of the system which is efficiently supported by the creativity and proactive nature of healthcare staff

Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems

For operating room treatments

Germicidal ultraviolet light disinfection contributes to reducing bacterial transmission and surgical site infections Treatment may reduce Coronavirus disease

Emergency Department Overcrowding: Understanding the Factors to Find Corresponding Solutions

In order to proceed with a narrative analysis on overcrowding it seems useful to provide some definitions although defining and quantifying overcrowding is not simple Overcrowding is due to the imbalance of the need for emergency care and the hospitals availability to provide the service It is a problem not only for the emergency department ED bu...

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