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Issue 03 | 2024

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  • HealthCare Management
  • Medical Sciences
  • Surgical Speciality
  • Diagnostics
  • Technology, Equipment & Devices
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Issue 03



Printing the Future of Medicine

The 3D Revolution Transforming Organ Transplants

In this edition of our magazine we explore the groundbreaking frontier

HealthCare Management

Leadership in Healthcare Innovation

Aligning education curricula to address adaptive challenges

The COVID pandemic has brought to light the vulnerabilities of global healthcare systems

Medical Sciences

Reducing Cardiovascular Risks in Patients with Cancer

Presently oncology stands as the second leading cause of mortality globally following cardiovascular diseases

Surgical Speciality

Surgical Simulation and VR training in Cardiothoracic Surgery

For more than years surgical simulators have been a crucial tool in the field of medicine

3D Printing in Organ Transplants

Revolutionizing Organ Transplantation: From Matching to Printing

Transplantation of human cells tissues and organs plays an important role in saving lives and restoring



Among the rare diseases representing about of presently diagnosed rare disease victims

Technology, Equipment & Devices


How Advanced Technology Can Elevate Healthcare Outcomes

At a time when technology influences almost every aspect of our lives healthcare is at a critical crossroads

Innovative Medical Devices in Cardiology

Shaping the Future of Medicine

Implantable cardiac devices have been part of routine therapy in cardiology for decades

Facilities & Operations

Digitally Empowered Collaborative Care

Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery in India

Indias healthcare system faces myriad challenges including limited access to healthcare services escalating costs and disparities in healthcare delivery

Information Technology

Advancing Healthcare

The Case for AI in Care Coordination

Healthcare systems everywhere are suffering from shortages of clinicians

Expert Talk

Healthcare in the New Era

Healthy Life, Disease Prevention, and Precision Medicine

The completion of the human genome project HGP sparked the new era of Genomic Medicine

Digital Health and AI Integration in Healthcare

Although the notion of AI in clinical practice seems to be new it has been steadily and slowly impacting healthcare

Unveiling Patient Outcomes in Minimally Invasive Interventions

In the last few years the advancements in minimally invasive interventions have been stunning

Video-Atlas of VATS Pulmonary Sublobar Resections

As you well know the path to becoming a consultant surgeon is not easy

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