Lindus Health and Aktiia Launch Observational Clinical Trial for Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring Device

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Lindus Health and Aktiia have initiated a clinical trial to evaluate user satisfaction with Aktiia's optical blood pressure monitoring (OBPM) device among individuals with hypertension.

Hypertension affects over 1.3 billion adults globally, leading to serious health issues like heart disease and stroke.

Continuous blood pressure monitoring devices offer crucial insights into hypertension severity, treatment efficacy, and daily fluctuations in blood pressure related to lifestyle and sleep patterns.

The trial will assess user experience with Aktiia's bracelet-like OBPM device, which uses optical sensors to measure blood pressure continuously, providing a convenient alternative to traditional cuffs.

Beyond satisfaction, the study will track participants' blood pressure changes over 12 weeks, correlating data with sociodemographic, lifestyle, and health factors.

Enrolling 7,500 hypertensive participants, Lindus Health will manage the study end-to-end, handling protocol development, regulatory submissions, recruitment, monitoring, and data management.

Digital advertising, primary care screenings, and patient community outreach will support recruitment efforts, facilitated through Lindus Health's proprietary eClinical platform, Citrus™, and a dedicated study website.

The trial's potential to empower individuals with continuous blood pressure insights, easing the burden of managing chronic conditions.

The device's role in real-time blood pressure management, enhancing patient and provider understanding of health patterns.

Successful trial outcomes will underscore the value of wearable technologies in chronic disease management, offering accuracy and comfort for patients worldwide.






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